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WISC Spring 2014 Flag Football Rosters
Tuesday, March 11, 2014 2:51:19 PM

We have finished the schedule and rosters for the Spring 2014 Flag Football League. 

For the 12-14 yr old division, games will take place on Saturdays from 3:00-4:00pm.   For the 7,8 and 9-11 divisions, games will take place on Sundays between 12:00-2:30pm.  Coach Will will ref/facilitate games each week.   Understand that Sunday games are on a tight schedule (50 minutes) so there is no room to go over the allotted time. 

We will not have games on the weekend of April 5,6 (Spring Break) or April 19,20 (Easter).  Games on Sunday, May 11 (Mother's Day) have been moved to Saturday, May 10.

Finally, T-Shirts will not be ready until next week.   We will use pinney’s the first week.  Below are the rosters:

7-8 Year Old Division:

Coach York, Coach Turner and Coach Consolo will head up this group

SEAHAWKS and 49ers: Brandon Turner, Cole Burke, Zachary Carter, Anthony Consolo Jr., Max Cooper, Jake Davis, Tristan Fleming, Coltan Frederick, Noah Fry, Elijah Johnson, Chase Julio, Luke Leftwich, Nate McLeod, Chrishn Parikh, Hayden Winkler and Graham York

9-11 Year Old Division Rosters:

(Coach Hamman): Josh Hamman, Victor Luke Agbeibor, Joseph Sutton, Tristan Tormey, Raymond McAdams, Aidan Waible, Beck Garber, and Avery Bell

(Coach Kuhn and Coach Huffman): Nolan Kuhn, Reid Huffman, Colin Day, Luke Christensen, Ethan Conrad, Elijah Fry, Aiden Howard, and Ishan Parikh

(Coach Bennett and Coach Burden): Casey Bennett, Campbell Burden, Kellen Cooper, Silas Cooper, Paige Richardson, Levi Sanchez, Colin Crowe, Ryan Lynch, and Alex Rodriguez

(Coach Sakimura): Preston Sakimura, Connor Troup, Isaac Tucker, Black Townsend, Michael Shelly, Logan Frederick, Logan Levenson, and Chaz Roberts

12-14 Year Old Division Rosters:

Coach Highley and Coach Hochman will head up this group

Players:  Mac Ambler, Logan Edwards, Micah Hochman, Michael Farace, James Griffin, Carter Herman, Tyler Highley, Zoli Molnar, Zackery Nelson, Ryan Old, Michael Ostrowski, Dhruv Patel, Aiden Snodgrass, Bradd Snodgrass, and Brandon Stone. 

You may access your schedule, rosters and coaching assignments by going to our website www.thewisc.com Just click on ‘Sports Progams’ and you’ll see the drop down menu with flag football listed.

When accessing the schedule just move the mouse over your team and click. It will isolate that team’s schedule.

Again, Coach Will be there each week to help facilitate the games.

Thanks for participating in the Spring 2014 flag football league at WISC and good luck!


March 2014 Women's Rosters
Monday, March 10, 2014 12:38:02 PM

Thanks for supporting the January 2014 Women’s Indoor Soccer League at WISC. We are very excited about the league and were able to get 10-11 players on each team.  We will have 4 teams this season and games will take place on Wednesday evenings. This week’s schedule is posted on the website at www.thewisc.com The remaining schedule will be posted by Friday, March 14.

Games will begin at 6:35pm and will start as late at 8:24pm.

The fee for this league is $80 per player.  As a promotion we are waiving the annual registration fee this season ($20)!  If you have already paid this amount you will have a $20 credit to put towards next season.

Below are the rosters and colors. Be sure to wear a shirt that coincides with your team's color!

Royal Blue Sharks –  Jen Berberich, Missy Hess, Samantha Hobe, Kellie Jenkins, Maria Kokolis, Stacy Ross, Lydia Scrofani, Danielle Tennant, Amy West, Janet Veith

Black Hurricane – Joy Abid, Karen Burden, Georgia Estes, Stacey Harris, Allison Kotula, Jessica Kotula, Alison Schmelzer, Teresa Vigmostad, Brooke Davis, Colleen Sinnott, Annie Emison

Red Spirit – Erin Darcy, Jennifer Foster, Mandi McKnight, Erin Shields, Laura South, Levinia Tyrrell, Amy Fox, Julia Presnell, Katie Singleton, Mary Lou Linnekin, Elaine Carlson

Grey United – Amelie Drake, Liza Potts, Amy Watson, Lisa Cummings, Sarah Alves,  Susan Findlay, Michelle Fitzgerald, Juanita Parks, Lexia Owens, Nicole Gonzalez

Thanks and Good Luck this Season!

Chris Scrofani

March 2014 Coed>35 Rosters
Friday, March 07, 2014 3:23:32 PM

We are going to have 7 teams this session with 9-11 on each team. I have posted the schedule for week 1 and you can access it on-line at www.thewisc.com The remaining schedule will be posted by Thursday, March 13.

Games will begin at 6:50pm and will start as late at 9:35pm.  You may have 1-2 games on Tuesday this session with us having 7 teams. 

All non WISC members need to bring the balance of payment to the first game. The Player fee for the league is $80. If you are not currently a WISC member and haven’t played here in the last year you will also owe a $20 Annual Registration fee.

Thanks for your continued support of the Coed>35 League. Below are the teams for the March 2014 League:

Be sure to wear a shirt that coincides with your team's color!

Royal Blue Team – Allie Kotula, Jessica Kotula, Mike Ribeiro, Bryan Stilley, John Griggs, Mohammed Barbarji, Charles Parker, Michael Francis, James Taliaferro, Vijay Subramaniam

Yellow Team – Robert Dearnley, Barclay Sheppard, Mary Lou Linnekin, Ryan Fitzgerald, Michelle Fitzgerald, Todd Irvine, Jonathan Lee, Carlo Gonzales, Robbie Brown, Joe Biava

White Team – Cheryl Dickter, Gerris Greene, Matt Lowery, Greg Fernandez, Katie Singleton, Andrew Patton, Greg Hurley, Perron Singelton, Brian Meier, Andy Pyles, Chuck Miller

Red Team –  Santo Di Gangi, CJ Hoadley, Joy Abid, Julia Presnell, Christopher Shearer, Steve Jolly, Haisam Abouziad, Matt Allar, David Hildebrand, Stuart Usher, Hughes Guirand

Black Team – Nikki Montero, Einar Lunden, Adam Zuchara, Claude Cristea, Rich Feller, Roger Failmezger, Laurie Robillard, Chris James, Mark Moniz, Peter Chung, Kyu Jin Lee

Green Team – Daniel Remler, Cyril Petrop, Sean Hyland, Liza Potts, Brooke Davis, Radu Ilea, Michael Keating, Nelson Nava, Laura South, Daniel Abid, Brian Higgins

Grey Team – Lisa Gaul, John Bates, Roger Clark, Tony Sarantakos, Irene Sarantakos, Steve Mares, Joe Davis, Vinny Alves, Sarah Alves, Travis Johnston, Sal Saporito

Thanks and Good Luck this Season!

Chris Scrofani

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